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The new milestone

With the new S-4 models the fourth generation of the popular S-series is already starting out to encourage and spearhead industrial progress. This generation not only makes it possible to achieve a significant breakthrough with saving energy, but also takes sound insulation and ease of maintenance to an entirely new level. The international claim made with the launch is equally confident: "Designed to take the lead". We are in fact looking at a fundamentally new design here. And it is this very approach – constantly scrutinising tried and tested technologies – that characterises BOGE's long-standing family business, which is now, fittingly, also in the fourth generation.

To the product


Both representing the fourth generation of their family

  • BOGE "IntegrateDrive" airend
    Enclosed, low losses and virtually maintenance-free with optimum efficiency
  • Sound-optimised cooling air duct
    Audible success thanks to specific insulation measures at the deflection points
  • Low-speed radial fan
    Reduces noise and energy costs – optionally available with speed control
  • Elastic "SilentMount" suspension
    All components are secured to the base frame with elastic mountings to ensure isolation from vibrations
  • Maintenance-friendly design based on the easy access principle
    Access limited to 2 sides, all components readily accessible
  • Innovative separation technology for safe, convenient cartridge replacement
    New swivel mechanism for the cover makes changing cartridges faster and banishes the risk of accidents


Frank Hilbrink, Team Leader Product Market Management

No other screw compressor on the market can be serviced so easily.


Taking efficiency to a new level

MINIMAL POWER CONSUMPTION, EXTREMELY SHORT DOWNTIMES, very simple maintenance and a long life expectancy – the BOGE S-4 series has what it takes to outshine all screw compressors in the same class. From the outset the new models offer the most efficient screw compressors in their specific segment. At the heart of every S-4 is the BOGE "IntegrateDrive" airend, which was developed in-house. This features robust integrated gears or direct drive with speed control.

The latest milestone from BOGE

Photo Of BOGE Compressors Air Compressor In Industrial Setting

Revamped and easily accessible

An entirely new design concept was developed for the S-4 to achieve noticeable progress with sound insulation and ease of maintenance.
Abbildung von BOGE Kompressoren, innen

The design principle

With the aim of reducing pressure losses and maximising efficiency all components of the new S-4 are generously dimensioned, with clear separation between the functional areas.
Abbildung eines BOGE Kompressors auf der Milestones-Folie

BOGE "IntegrateDrive" airend

All necessary components are incorporated in the airend, with maintenance-relevant parts positioned in the compact module to ensure easy access.
Image Of BOGE Compressors Low Noise

Gratifyingly low noise level

The marked reduction in sound emissions is due to numerous individual measures, with the most effective being those aimed at isolation from vibrations.
Image Of BOGE Compressors air Compressor Process

Cooling air duct facing new tasks

The multi-deflection cooling air duct deals with noise in a very effective manner. This effect is further supported by special insulating material at the deflection points.
Abbildung von Focus Control von BOGE Kompressoren bei der Anwendung

AirShield responsible for control

The new AirShield control concept anticipates operating states and automatically adjusts the compressor to foreseeable temperatures and pressure levels in good time.

Practical by nature – particularly when it comes to maintenance

ALL SOUND-INSULATING PANELS ON THE S-4 CAN BE REMOVED FOR FAST ACCESS IN NEXT TO NO TIME. Regular maintenance work can be performed from just two sides: Changing the oil and separation cartridge takes place at the front of the machine, likewise the suction regulator, minimum pressure valve and oil regulator. Only the oil filter, the air filter and the primary intake air filter are changed from the side.

Thinking on a larger scale, down to the smallest detail

Abbildung eines BOGE Luftkompressors auf Gleiter

The easy access principle

All regular maintenance work can be performed from just two sides. This also means greater freedom when setting up the machine!
Image Of Inside BOGE Compressors

Multiple benefits from the radial fan

Low speeds reduce noise – and energy costs with it. And even more so when optional speed control is added.
Abbildung Super Premium Efficiency Ie3 und Ie4 von BOGE Kompressoren

Innovative oil separation technology

The redesigned vertical oil separation system ensures a very low residual oil content, minimal pressure losses and a long service life for the separating element.
Abbildung von BOGE Kompressoren, internes Detail des Kompressors

Accident-proof swivel mechanism

To make changing the inner separation cartridge faster and easier – no risk of accidents from crushing!
Abbildung des Luftkompressors von BOGE Kompressoren, detailliert

Elastic "SilentMount" suspension

The drive motor, airend and oil separation tank are secured to the base frame with elastic mountings to ensure isolation from vibrations.
Abbildung Teile von BOGE Kompressoren

Victaulic© couplings

Two bolts which don't have to be held in position from the rear – Victaulic© couplings make dismantling maintenance parts child's play.

BOGE S-4 will also impress in the most challenging environments

Paint shops

Guaranteeing a continuous supply of compressed air, the new BOGE S-4 range is ideal for example when using spray guns, ensuring here a reliable and uniform application of paints and varnishes.


The S-4 is in its element in the mining industry, where screw compressors need to be especially safe and reliable when faced with adverse conditions. It scores here with extremely short downtimes, very simple maintenance and a long life expectancy


Compressed air that is clean and dry is essential for the metalworking sector. BOGE's new S-4 series supplies high-quality air, as required e.g. for treating and processing stainless steel or for laser cutting.

Oil, gas and chemicals industry

When it comes to the sensitive production processes used in the oil and gas sectors, the quality of compressed air must be just as flawless as in the chemicals industry, where toxic, corrosive and unstable substances are frequently involved in manufacture. A clear case for the S-4.

S-4 Series

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S-4 Data Sheet

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