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Sensational manufacture of climate-neutral fuel

Thursday, October 20. 2022

BOGE provides some of the technology and expertise for the “Haru Oni” pilot project.
3D Modell eines Druckluft-, Stickstoff- und Kohlendioxidsystems in einem Container von BOGE Druckluftsysteme vereint

The windswept region of Magallanes in Chile is the perfect location to construct a plant for producing ‘e-fuels’ directly from hydrogen and carbon dioxide, with the required energy coming from a specially-built wind power station. We’re part of this innovative project, supplying both compressed air and nitrogen, as well as a system for compressing carbon dioxide.

Our systems generate the compressed air and 99 per cent pure nitrogen required to run the plant. In one initial container we installed an oil lubricated, frequency-controlled screw compressor, a compressed air treatment system and a nitrogen generator. In addition, we developed a system for storing carbon dioxide which we integrated into a second container. Up to 20,000 l CO2 can be collected temporarily in a special tank before it is compressed and then mixed with hydrogen in the next step. This syngas reacts to form methanol and finally to create synthetic gasoline.

The first phase of the project aims to produce 130,000 litres e-gasoline per year, potentially increasing to over 550 million litres per year by 2026.

BOGE Druckluftanlage für Haru Oni - Innenleben

Blase zur Speicherung von Kohlendioxid in Druckluftcontainer von BOGE Kompressoren