Everyone’s talking about Industry 4.0 and energy efficiency in compressed air systems. But true innovation means leading the field in knowledge and technology. "It's time for the best of German engineering": this is the motto chosen by BOGE KOMPRESSOREN for the ComVac trade fair in Hanover. BOGE was not only presenting leading-edge compressed air solutions, but also new ground-breaking service options.

S-4 screw compressor

A highlight at our stand was the S-4 “Optimus” screw compressor. This development study ensures a glimpse of the future of the screw compressor – adapted to the challenges of the modern era and with substantial improvements in terms of efficiency values, ease of maintenance, sound pressure and CO2 emissions.

S-4 product page

What deserves special attention with the Optimus is the innovative interlocking control, which is based on wireless communication between compressors and other components of the compressed air preparation.

C-2 – facelift for the C series

The compact compressors of the C series – known for their economical energy intake – are among the most successful brands that BOGE has ever brought onto the market. With the new version, IE4 motors and frequency-controlled fans have been included, with which the specific power consumption can be further improved.

To respond to intensive user surveys, everything has also been done to take the ease of maintenance to new dimensions.

BOGE selectcair

Since the introduction of the radically new BOGE HST series, it has ultimately become clear that service had to be redefined in the age of Industry 4.0.

The future belongs to modular machine concepts, in which “service“ will primarily consist of software updates and upgrade measures. The new selectcair service offered by BOGE is therefore consistently focused upon “continuous improvement” – the optimisation of compressors across their entire life cycle.

Heat recover with HST

Nothing is more suitable for minimising primary energy demand than an intelligent system for heat recovery. This even applies to an“efficiency giant” such as the High Speed Turbo compressor, for its lowenergy costs can be reduced further up to 80%.

How the recoveredenergy can be used usefully, e.g. for heating process water, was demonstrated by a “glass” HST model at the trade fair.

Smart Factory in a 3D model

Intelligent factories in which all components are networked with each other to make manufacturing more efficient and flexible. The vision of the “smart factory” is slowly taking shape – however, a precondition is the smooth exchange of information between people, machines and resources.

A functional 3D model on the BOGE trade fair stand simulated how this exchange can work.

airtelligence provis 2.0 interlocking control

It is not a new insight that a higher-level control for multi-compressor stations makes the production of compressed air more efficient. One of the most innovative consumption-orientated controls on the market is the airtelligence provis 2.0, which links up to 16 compressors with one another and switches with high efficiency.

In contrast to many Cloud-based competitor solutions, however, it focuses consistently on data security via closed infrastructures.

PO 20 in vertical design

With the introduction of the new PO 20, oil-free piston technology undergoes a major innovation push – good news, especially for sensitive areas of use such as hospitals, whichrely upon 100% oil-free compressed air.

The vertical design, whereby the motor at the compressor stage is positioned above the motor, is one of the completely new features. Minimal manufacturing tolerances, low flow resistances and extremely long maintenance intervals ensure maximum efficiency.