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In the production chains of the fermentation and beverage industries, air compressors carry out different tasks. The requirements for compressed air will vary from case to case, between sterile air (dry, oil-free and sterile), control air (oil-free and dry) and working air (dry). Sterile air is used in three cases: as a span gas, it promotes and displaces the liquids used, aerates the different ingredients and serves as a purge gas to remove CO2 from the containers. Since the compressed air in these three cases is in direct contact with food, it must meet the highest purity requirements. Oil-free, dry compressed air is used for pneumatic delivery and as an auxiliary power supply in MCR technology. So that no oil particles will be present in the equipment or the final product, control air must always be oil free. Working air is used as an energy source for pneumatic actuators. In this case, it is sufficient that the compressed air is dry.





































































































































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