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The compact, low-noise solution for dry compressed air

Wednesday, October 21. 2020

Upgrading the BOGE S-4 series
BOGE S-4 ..D

The oil lubricated BOGE screw compressors in the S-4 range between 55 - 110 kW now come with an optional integrated dryer.


Energy-efficient, high-performance, low noise and compact: the S-4 series from BOGE is already well-known for having these characteristics. But now the compressed air specialist is expanding its portfolio to include screw compressors with an integrated dryer. Available in the 55 to 110 kW models, they still provide all the typical benefits of the other devices in the S-4 range but also provide users with extremely low pressure losses and excellent reliability of the refrigerant compressed air dryer. Thanks to the intelligent integration of the dryer into the marginally extended device body, the compressors only require very little extra space for installation in comparison to the addition of a separate downstream refrigerant dryer with the associated extra piping, resulting in much higher installation and overall costs.


Welcoming a new addition to the family: the oil lubricated BOGE screw compressors in the S-4 series between 55 - 110 kW now come with an optional integrated dryer. The refrigerant compressed air dryer is characterised by its well-designed components, longevity and low pressure losses and has been fitted perfectly into the housing to ensure its compact design and flat surfaces with sharp lines could be maintained. The refrigerant dryer’s electronics and control systems are integrated directly into the device which is just 400 mm longer than the non-dryer version.


Reduced footprint and quieter operation

Thanks to its large-scale design, the BOGE S-4 screw compressor provides high delivery volumes with low power consumption. The core element of every individual compressor is the compression pump designed and produced in-house, and the robust integrated power transmission or direct drive with speed control. The optimally designed cooling air duct and the vertical oil separator which as been isolated from any mechanical vibration ensure the very quietest operation. “Even the integration of the refrigerant dryer into the device has not had any effect on the device’s noise emissions,” explains Frank Hilbrink, Product Market Manager at BOGE. “In the case of the S56-4, for example, the volume remains just 68 dB(A).” The compressed air has a pressure dew point of 3°C and is suitable for use across a whole range of applications. One huge advantage of these S-4 devices is their reduced footprint in comparison with similar compressors with separate downstream refrigeration – having a different unit to dry the compressed air means increased installation costs for both the electrics and pipework.


“Passing compressed air through a refrigerant dryer is basically standard in many applications nowadays, whether to protect piping or pneumatic systems,” continues Frank Hilbrink. “Thanks to the S-4, operators are now in a position to achieve optimum compressed air demands even with very reduced space.” All of the advantages and features of the S-4 models – plus the modern focus control 2.0 system and ease of maintenance – can also be found in the new version and are not affected in any way by the integration of the dryer.


BOGE S-4 ..D
The dryer is perfectly integrated into the S-4’s device body, meaning the overall footprint is much smaller than that of a compressor with separate downstream drying.


About BOGE

As one of Germany’s oldest manufacturers of compressors and compressed air systems, BOGE KOMPRESSOREN Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG offers 111 years’ experience. The company is also one of the market leaders. Whether for screw compressors, piston compressors, scroll compressors, turbo compressors, complete systems or individual devices, BOGE meets the most diverse requirements and highest standards, with precision and quality always at the forefront. The family company which operates internationally has a workforce of 750 employees and is managed by Wolf D. Meier-Scheuven, Rolf Struppek and Olaf Hoppe. With its numerous sales offices and subsidiaries, BOGE offers its international customers comprehensive services and supplies its products and systems to more than 120 countries worldwide.


Press Release: Upgrading the BOGE S-4 series

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