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Quality and Certifications

Compressed air systems have to function reliably, which is why BOGE’s systems are built from the best materials, the highest-quality workmanship and intelligent German engineering. Quality is our foremost concern along the entire production chain, from planning and manufacturing to maintenance of the finished product. It’s with this guiding principle in mind that BOGE carries out the precise design, development and quality-conscious manufacturing of its compressors and compressed air appliances. BOGE‘s certified quality management system enables this high standard to be achieved in each of the individual production steps.


BOGE Singapore

We are certified!

BOGE quality management and certifications

BOGE invests continually in cutting-edge methods and technology to facilitate the development of innovative products and processes. In doing so, we align ourselves with recognised national and international standards – all our business processes meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

Individual responsibility for BOGE quality products

BOGE work processes guarantee the highest quality products for you. One of BOGE’s values is “craftsmanship”, which means that one member of our team is completely responsible for assembly of a single compressor. This principle enables our BOGE employees to identify more effectively with the products they make.

Demand management at BOGE

Demand management: careful annual planning and budget calculations are the basis for quality-conscious, sustainable and environmentally sound production methods in all areas as well as for effective human resource planning. BOGE’s infrastructure is regularly reviewed.

BOGE quality control

Quality control at BOGE occurs in three stages: quality characteristics are first identified before being systematically measured and the obtained values analysed.

Process supervision at BOGE

All services provided by BOGE are monitored in the same way as those provided by our subcontractors. If requirements within the service provision process are not met, BOGE will rectify this immediately.

bizSAFE Certificate

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Management System ISO-9001:2015

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Management System ISO-14001:2015

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Management System ISO-50001:2018

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Production Quality Assurance (PED) Modul D

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Production Quality Assurance (PED) Modul D1

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