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BOGE Scroll Air Compressor for Oil-Free and Quiet Operation

BOGE Scroll Air Compressor for Oil-Free and Quiet Operation

Sensitive work environments such as dental surgeries and hospitals have relied on 100% oil-free compressed air from BOGE for many years. We are an industry leader among scroll compressor suppliers. Our scroll air compressor units have been specially developed for such conditions where completely oil-free air is a must. The EO series further impresses with its extremely low vibration and noise levels.

Scroll Air Compressor – Compact, whisper-quiet and minimal vibrations

The closer a compressor gets to the workplace, the more crucial the sound pressure level becomes. The scroll compressor really comes into its own here, with whisper-quiet operation and minimal vibrations. It is perfect, for example, in laboratories or hospitals.

About our products

Main advantages at a glance:

  • Completely oil-free
  • Super-silenced whisper-quiet design
  • Low vibration operation
  • Modular design
  • Space-saving
  • State-of-the-art control concept
  • Low maintenance
  • Installation close to your workstation


Our scroll compressors are also popular with the dairy industry

Our most recent addition to the series, the EO 11, is squarely aimed at farmers (milk production). They greatly value the extremely low noise levels of these scroll compressors.
A range of customers depend on the quality compressor units we provide as a leader among scroll compressor manufacturers.

Top-quality compressed air, 100% oil-free

One or more scroll compressors form the heart of a BOGE EO compressor (Eccentric, Oil free). Each operates with two compressor screws, with one remaining stationary while the other rotates eccentrically. Although the two spirals intermesh, they do not touch. The air drawn in is continuously forced into an increasingly confined space, so producing top-quality, pulsation-free compressed air containing absolutely no oil. Efficiency is further improved with a two-stage aftercooler. Up to four compressors can be installed in one housing if high free air delivery rates are required.

When you need the best scroll air compressor for sale, put BOGE to work for you.

Why Trust BOGE for All of Your Needs?

As an industry leader in scroll air compressor suppliers, you can depend on us for all of your unique needs. That includes the oil free scroll air compressor that is right for your operation or the rotary scroll air compressor with industry-leading features and innovations. We also provide scroll type air compressor solutions for more advanced applications. Even if you do not see the solution you need here, or you are unsure which one is best for your goals, contact us to learn more.


If you have any questions or would like to find out more about BOGE’s scroll compressors, simply contact us.

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