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Photo Of BOGE Compressors Oil-Free Compressed Air For The Food Industry Happy Staff


Keltenhof Frischeprodukte GmbH


Compressed air system (oil-free, class 0) and nitrogen generation


Lettuce producer Keltenhof relies on a compressed air formula with sophisticated efficiency enhancers.

The Challenge
To provide a highly efficient compressed air system that guarantees the supply of absolutely oil-free compressed air and nitrogen (with a purity level of 99.0%) throughout the entire production process.

The BOGE Solution
A frequency-controlled SLF 40-3 bluekat screw compressor supplies Class 0, 100% oil-free compressed air, even when the intake air is contaminated with oil. As an additional measure, an F 65 microfilter ensures that the compressed air is absolutely free of particles. The complete system solution provided by BOGE also includes a BOGE DUOTHERM heat recovery system and an N2 generator with down-stream receiver (160 l), which saves costs by producing nitrogen of the highest quality in-house.

The Result
The BOGE compressed air system meets the highest quality requirements reliably and effortlessly.

Project report Keltenhof Frischeprodukte GmbH

pdf, 1.25 MB