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Maintenance and Warranty Packages

Outsourcing the regular inspection and maintenance of your compressed air system gives you the opportunity to focus on your core business activities. Because we know how important this is, BOGE offers specially-developed service packages to cater to your specific requirements. A basic rule for the commissioning of maintenance work by BOGE technical employees is as follows: The more comprehensive the service agreement, the better your levels of security and the less you’ll have to deal with as a system operator. There are a variety of service packages to choose from.

10-year warranty plan for all BOGE oil lubricated screw compressors

The new warranty scheme, branded as 5+5, is free for new and existing customers.  The new scheme builds on BOGE’s current 5 year Bestcair warranty, with an extended warranty, plus a further five-year period of cover thereafter.  The warranty is for an unlimited number of operating hours during each period and covers all manufacturing defects, with either repair or replacement of BOGE approved parts; cover is subject to each compressor being maintained and serviced in-line with BOGE’s recommended schedules and guidelines.

A Customised Service to Keep Your Compressed Air Safe

Book one of our specialised service packages to cater to your specific needs. The most comprehensive packages include complete compressed air management by qualified technical staff and an accompanying extended warranty option.

Let us help

Further information on our service packages can be obtained via email at or through one of our service advisors.

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5+5 Warranty Brochure

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