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Case Studies

We at BOGE supply compressed air to diverse branches of industry with the highest quality demands. From large industrial plants to small workshops; from working air to breathable air at the highest standards of quality, as required for the medical sector – efficiency, safety and precision take centre stage in each and every one of our products. Find out here about the creative solutions we’ve developed to meet our customers’ challenges – and how they benefit from working with our companies and using our innovative products.

Food and beverage industry

  • ABP Slaney

    ABP Slaney

    Improving energy efficiency

    Achieving a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy bills led to an energy saving of €25,285 a year for this Irish food producer.

  • Cranswick Foods

    Cranswick Foods

    Food processing industry

    A processor of cooked meats has boosted efficiency, slashed downtime and improved air quality, thanks to a newly installed compressed air system.

  • Privatbrauerei Bolten

    Privatbrauerei Bolten

    How Bolten is preparing for the future...

    Absolutely oil-free but cost-conscious - Conception of a new compressed air system with the requirement for the highest cleanliness and maximum cost-effectiveness.

  • Baked Goods Industry

    Baked Goods Industry

    Efficient and high-quality compressed air...

    Major bakeries and suppliers to the baked goods industry rely on it. It is all about safe food and economical production.

  • Oberselters Mineralbrunnen

    Oberselters Mineralbrunnen

    Growth in efficiency can be controlled

    Harmonising two parallel compressed air networks allows savings to be achieved: this is what happens at OberSelters, a long-standing company based in the Taunus hills of Germany.

  • Nordbrand Nordhausen GMBH

    Nordbrand Nordhausen GMBH

    Hard liquor…

    … with 100% oil-free compressed air, an absolute must for bottling spirits such as Roggenkorn schnapps "Echter Nordhäuser" by Nordbrand.

  • Fanagoria Wine Cellar, Russia

    Fanagoria Wine Cellar, Russia

    Good air - great wine

    The Russian Fanagoria Wine Cellar produces quality wines and brandies. The uncompromising standards of BOGE products ensure that bacteria are kept out of the wine containers.

  • Rotkäppchen-mumm Sparkling Wine

    Rotkäppchen-mumm Sparkling Wine

    The finest fizz

    Unpacking, cleaning, filling, labelling, packing – the Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sparkling Wine Cellar draws on BOGE’s know-how for all of the above processes.

  • Black Sheep Brewery

    Black Sheep Brewery

    Well brewed, BOGE!

    The English Black Sheep Brewery uses a compact BOGE compressed air station to bottle traditionally brewed beer. Innovative BOGE components speed up the process further.

  • Fonti di Vinadio Spa

    Fonti di Vinadio Spa

    Pure water from the heart of the Alps

    The mineral water of Fonti di Vinadio Spa is famed for its quality. BOGE products fulfil the most exacting requirements, providing large amounts of oil-free compressed air.



    100% organic, thanks to BOGE

    Australian yoghurt manufacturer five:am uses exclusively organic ingredients in its products – and relies on BOGE’s 100% oil-free air for the sensitive manufacturing process.

  • Keltenhof Fresh Produce

    Keltenhof Fresh Produce

    Perfect and fresh

    BOGE compressed air is used in the sorting process at Keltenhof salad growers and BOGE nitrogen preserves the fresh produce.

Industrial production and metal working

  • Ger4tech gmbh

    Ger4tech gmbh

    Reliable, energy-saving supply

    BOGE compressed air provides the pneumatic drive required to ensure GER4TECH’s metal processing is successful.

  • James Cropper

    James Cropper

    Paper Gains

    Replacing an aging compressed air system for expanding paper mill, James Cropper, was an opportunity to ensure there was sufficient capacity for growth and consistency of air supply throughout the plant.



    Coloured accents

    Premium bathroom elements with the highest standards – the manufacturing and processing procedure at Bette requires completely clean, high-quality compressed air.

  • Regency Glass

    Regency Glass

    Glass manufacturer reduces energy costs

    When switching production to a much larger site, the company had to be sure of a reliable and uninterrupted air supply. They didn’t realise they would cut their energy costs significantly too.

  • Bottle Cap Manufacturer

    Bottle Cap Manufacturer

    Oil-free compressed air without oil-free compressors

    One packaging manufacturer has found an alternative requiring substantially less investment – and have made impressive efficiency savings as well.

  • Design Factory GMBH

    Design Factory GMBH

    Classic compressed air design

    Design Factory is an expert producer of sparking stainless steel surfaces. BOGE refurbished their existing system and provided them with extremely clean, oil-free compressed air.

  • KSI - Industrial Coatings

    KSI - Industrial Coatings

    Coatings, coatings everywhere!

    Klaus Stahl Industrielackierungen drew on BOGE’s creativity for the modernisation of their entire system – and got a tailor-made, cost-efficient solution.

Logistics and the environment

  • Cobalt Energy

    Cobalt Energy

    Working in close partnership with Cobalt Energy...

    ...BOGE designed, supplied, installed and commissioned an integrated compressed-air system – comprising duty and stand-by screw compressors, refrigerant dryers, absorption dryers and auto drains – that met all of Cobalt’s specifications.

  • Xylem Water Solution

    Xylem Water Solution

    A clean solution

    Xylem must flush and ventilate its pipes regularly to avoid odours and bacteria build-up. BOGE compressors supply the power that makes this possible, all over the world.

  • Idam Moncofa

    Idam Moncofa

    From the sea to the cup

    IDAM Moncofa processes its seawater in sunny Spain. Their desalination system uses BOGE compressed air to ensure sufficient water supply for people and agriculture.

  • Spedition Rinnen

    Spedition Rinnen

    Getting them on the road …

    … that's what BOGE has done with the vehicle fleet of international haulier Spedition Rinnen. Its compressed air system has become more efficient and reliable thanks to the new dust-free environment and higher-level control on site.


  • Alunova Recycling GMBH

    Alunova Recycling GMBH

    Keeping the belt moving

    Intelligent BOGE controls ensure the faultless interaction of all components involved in Alunova’s aluminium recycling operations, saving large amounts on energy.

  • Tönsmeier Group

    Tönsmeier Group

    The crucial milliseconds

    BOGE compressed air aids the Tönsmeier group in the sorting of recyclable resources during plastic recycling. The system’s idle time and maintenance requirements are minimal.

  • Bürck Rohstoffhandel & Recycling

    Bürck Rohstoffhandel & Recycling

    A crystal-cut case

    Bürck Rohstoffhandel & Recycling uses BOGE compressors for glass recycling. Long-term efficiency and reliability are guaranteed, even under tough operating conditions.

  • PD Energy

    PD Energy

    A hot number

    PD energy relies on dry, particle-free BOGE compressed air to carry out their thermal waste management. The high quality of the air protects sensitive components.

  • Veolia Environmental Services

    Veolia Environmental Services

    Keeping things tidy

    Veolia sorts 85,000 tons of recyclable waste every year. A frequency-controlled BOGE piston compressor supplies the required compressed air at the highest levels of precision.

Other sectors

  • Barber Institute of Fine Arts

    Barber Institute of Fine Arts

    Compressor failure and rising costs no longer a worry

    Around £3,500 saved annually on compressor replacements, and over £1,000 on energy consumption for the Barber Institute of Fine Arts.

  • Saalfelder Wäscherei GmbH

    Saalfelder Wäscherei GmbH

    To keep the washing clean...

    ...Saalfeld laundry relies on BOGE. Frequency-controlled compressors, modern control, heat recovery - for optimum load coverage with the best efficiency values.

  • Herwig Taute

    Herwig Taute

    With milking, nothing is more important than hygiene …

    Configuration of automatic milking systems with super-silent, absolutely oil-free scroll compressors from BOGE.

  • Vorbuchner GMBH & CO KG

    Vorbuchner GMBH & CO KG

    Light gas, heavy job

    …in cooperation with Vorbuchner GmbH & Co KG, BOGE specialists developed a prototype that compresses helium efficiently and safely.