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Medical compressed air systems from BOGE

Medical compressed air systems from BOGE

For more than 50 years BOGE has worked with well-known hospital equipment outfitters and manufacturers of medical devices to develop customised yet standards-compliant system solutions for a highly sensitive area: the supply of medical-grade compressed air. With this application the safety of patients always has top priority.


Medical compressed air solutions from BOGE are characterised by

  • Over 50 years of experience in developing compressed air systems in the sensitive areas of artificial respiration, surgical instruments and other medical systems
  • Compliance with all applicable directives and DIN standards
  • Maximum safety orientation of systems through multiple redundancy
  • Flexible, modular system design with continuous efficiency enhancement
  • Use of high-efficiency, energy-saving technologies


Premium solutions for a wide range of applications

Medicine, pharmaceutical technology and doctors' surgeries: with all these applications compressed air needs to be dry and free of oil and germs. The stringent demands on medical-grade compressed air require reliable equipment.

Artificial respiration

Where patients are concerned, they must be supplied with only 100% pure respiratory air at maximum availability. With BOGE treatment units the compressed air generated undergoes drying, cleaning and processing in seven stages to deliver medical compressed air complying with DIN EN ISO 7396-1.

Medical systems

Medical compressed air is subject to the European Medicinal Products Act. This prohibits any concessions in terms of specified air purity. Sterile filters acting as an eighth treatment stage ensure top-quality respiratory air, whether supplied for artificial respiration or destined for anaesthesia systems.

Medical staff

Be it at the patient's bed or in the operating theatre – medical compressed air is required throughout hospitals and has to be readily available at all times. Any risk of failure is all but ruled out thanks to the minimum triple-redundant design for compressed air generation.

Surgical instruments

Many surgical instruments and tools such as those used for puncturing, drilling or dissecting operate with compressed air. Medical devices also need to be inspected or dried at repeated intervals. With medical compressed air everyone can breathe easy again.


Multiple redundancy and reliability – a fail-safe supply of medically pure compressed air

A modular, flexible system design and a highly sophisticated redundancy concept ensure BOGE systems are always geared to the worst-case scenario. A supply of medically pure compressed air is guaranteed even in the event of a power failure. Every system for compressed air generation features at least triple redundancy.


Safe and efficient operation is ensured by master control systems. They actively report any faults and automatically maintain availability even with a power outage.

Image Of BOGE Compressors Medical Triple And Quadruple Systems


Greater efficiency with the right tools

  • Simulation software for comparison of systems
  • Frequency-controlled medical compressors
  • Latest control, monitoring and visualisation concepts
  • Heat recovery concepts
  • Load-dependent control for medical respiratory air dryers


Do you need help in selecting the right tool?

Just contact us. We would be delighted to help you choose the right products and efficiency tools for your individual medical application.

André Farysch

André Farysch

Business Unit Manager Medical

Phone: +49 5206 601-182


Mark Whitmore

Mark Whitmore

General Manager UK & Northern Europe

Phone: +44 800 318 104


Brochure Medical Compressed Air Systems

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