BOGE Updates

Whats new at BOGE Compressors?

Visionary company management, innovative product development and social engagement: Wolf D. Meier-Scheuven receives the accolade “2017 OWL Entrepreneur of the Year“ for this.

The Founders Foundation issued an invitation from 16-18 June to the first OWL Industry Hackathon at the Pioneers Club in Bielefeld. The Founders’ hack brought companies from the region together with the start-up talent of tomorrow.

Mineral oil residues in spreads, chocolate or muesli? Headlines such as this are to be read in the newspapers time and again.

At the 4th AOK company run, the runners started by going around the Bielefeld cycling track and then through the Heeper Fichten on a 5km circular route.

On 20 May, the former federal trainer Heiner Brand as well as the international handball players Daniel Stephan, Stefan Kretzschmar & Co played for the good cause, 'OWL has a heart' and delighted the fans with their enthusiasm and tricks from their handball repertoire.

BOGE Challenge

At the largest business hackathon in Germany, we are presenting motivated talented young people with a challenge that has to be solved.

60 Jahre HMI

BOGE has exhibited at the industry's leading trade since 1957.

With the new BOGE selectcair aftermarket range we make the service of tomorrow a reality today.

We are now dedicating ourselves jointly to an issue that is relevant both to climate policy and society: the sustainable storage of electricity from renewable energy sources.

BOGE wins second place for the best staff development concept in the BOW training association competition.

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