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Oil-free compressed air technology

Oil-free compressed air technology

On the safe side

Mineral oil in foods? Not from us!

Time and again you read about mineral oil residues in spreads, chocolate or muesli. Sources of the problem that are mentioned include lubricants in production machinery or packaging printed with mineral oil. It is very simple to produce foods that are quite safe – BOGE is a specialist in absolutely safe oil-free compressed air systems.

Essentially all technologies that come into contact with foods should be completely oil-free. This applies in particular to compressed air, which fulfils a key role in food production: Whether it is for conveying flour, sorting salad leaves or cleaning packaging – oil-free compressed air of the 0 class is a precondition for producing safe foods in the interests of the consumer. However, the decisive part played by the quality of the intake air is often overlooked.

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Your advantages

Details of the oil-free BOGE range

  • A wide range of compressed air technologies
  • Customised preparation systems for maximum safety
  • Needs-based adaptation of the quantity delivered
  • Avoiding expensive recalls
  • Defending against harm to the company image

BOGE science

What actually is “oil-free class 0“?

Many of our competitors wholeheartedly promise “oil-free class 0” for their compressors, with one important caveat missing. This can only guaranteed if the intake air also meets the conditions of class 0. A reminder: In 2001 the ISO 8573-1 standard was revised and “class 0” extended. The only compressors that fall into this category are those that demonstrate a lower residual content of oil in oil-free generated compressed air than compressors in class 1. BOGE makes a finer distinction here: Although we also offer completely oil-free systems such as the HST, PO and Scroll series, which can all generate high-quality compressed air in class 0, we always point out that this result is ultimately dependent on the quality of the intake air. Theoretically, an oil-lubricated compressor from the BOGE S series can even supply air from class 0 under ideal conditions. Only with BOGE bluekat technology do none of these restrictions apply: These models very effectively burn hydrocarbons that may be contained in the intake air. Under warranty.

Product differentiation

We distinguish between “oil-free class 0“ and “oil-free”

Oil free

Oil-free products

All oil-free products at a glance

BOGE bluekat screw compressors

This range uses proven converter technology to supply oil-free compressed air of class 0 under all conditions; an ideal solution for sensitive industrial areas of application.

BOGE Scroll compressors

Our Scroll compressors operate with absolutely oil-free compression and thereby supply high-quality compressed air of class 0, provided the intake air is also of this quality.

BOGE PO piston compressors

Our oil-free compressed piston compressors also generate high-quality oil-free compressed air, as required in sensitive areas of application.

BOGE SO screw compressors

These models are convincing thanks to an integrated design and their innovative functioning principle, which produces oil-free pressurised air safely and efficiently.

Further access to oil-free compressed air

Compressed air preparation range

BOGE offers an extensive range for the preparation of compressed air, specially for oil-lubricated screw compressors: Measures for drying and filtering as well as the use of activated carbon ensure reliable oil-free compressed air. If another BLUEKAT converter is added downstream, you still obtain class 0 compressed air. With "FoodLub-H1" there is also a special lubricant that is officially approved for sporadic contact with food.

BOGE contact

Do you have any questions?

Contact us. We will be pleased to respond to your questions and explain the differences between the oil-free BOGE compressors, so that you can make the best decision.

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