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When you purchase a BOGE compressor, you’re investing in a technically modern and reliable compressed air solution. Depending on your needs, we offer three attractive options for financing your purchase: BOGE Rental, BOGE Flatrate and BOGE Contracting.

BOGE rent

BOGE Rent is a financing model for the renting of additional compressed air equipment during periods when your compressed air needs are unexpectedly high or when peaks in power must be accommodated. In such cases, a machine that meets your needs can be rented short-term and at very attractive rates.

BOGE flatrate

BOGE Flatrate is the solution for customers wishing to ensure a steady compressed air supply at a fixed price and on the basis of reliable calculations. When you choose to pay the specified flat rate for a particular period of time, we’ll supply you with the appropriate quantity of compressed air for that period.

BOGE contracting

BOGE Contracting is an option for industrial customers who need their compressed air to come completely risk-free. It allows customers to enjoy maximum security of supply at affordable prices. Levels of compressed air consumption are calculated using an electronic meter reading, much the same as with an electricity supply.