BOGE blueprotect offers protection for the harvest

Even in ancient times, people safeguarded their foodstuffs in air-tight sealed containers to protect them from pests. Inspired by this principle from thousands of years ago, we developed the BOGE blueprotect container solution. Our system takes nitrogen from the ambient air with a maximum of one per cent of residual oxygen. blueprotect directs this almost pure nitrogen into grain silos in which the valuable harvest is stored.


Pests that rely on oxygen cannot survive in the nitrogen-rich atmosphere. blueprotect thereby gives protection from granary weevils, parasitic fungi and mice, as well as from breathing losses and smouldering fires. There is no use of chemical agents, it is completely harmless to foodstuffs and environmentally friendly – a BOGE solution that is as simple as it is effective for ecological agriculture and for raw material suppliers to breweries.

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