Reliable, clean compressed air – BOGE’s trademark for more than 100 years. The quality and efficiency of our compressors and compressed air solutions have led us to enjoy the trust of over 100,000 users in 120 different countries. As a worldwide leading provider, we have stayed true to our roots. The German city of Bielefeld has been the headquarters of our family owned and led company since its founding in 1907, with around 470 of our 800 employees based here.

  • Oil-free compressed air? Of course!

    In many areas, oil-free compressed air plays a key role – particularly in food production, where “oil-free class 0” is the measure of all things. As a specialist in oil-free systems, BOGE highlights the fine differences.

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  • Innovation award

    BOGE not only has a vision of innovation, it turns it into reality. We now have black-and-white proof of this.

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