Compressed air to meet all requirements and fulfil the most exacting demands – this is what our precision-developed compressors and system solutions are known for. Whether in the food, plastics, steel or pharmaceutical industry: Industrial firms, trade businesses, clinics and hospitals all value the high reliability, efficiency and cost-saving benefits of our products. Our diverse range of compressed air solutions addresses the individual needs of your industry and business. The range spans from individual compressors or compressed air components to complete system and service solutions. In the latter case, we take care not only of the entire installation process, but of the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your plant. BOGE stands for compressed air that is custom-tailored and adapted to your needs.

  • S-4 - A technological milestone

    With their radically new structure and the BOGE airend developed in-house, these models herald a new age in terms of easy maintenance, sound insulation and efficiency.

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  • BOGE CCD condensate drain – intelligent discharge without pressure losses

    Wherever condensate accumulates, electronically level controlled CCD condensate drains come into their own – energy-saving (because there is no pressure loss) and there are more than 2 million of them in use.

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