CCD Condensate Drain

The clever alternative for all areas where condensation occurs

      The advantage of the compact design is that the BOGE CCD condensate drain is perfect for installation in confined spaces.
      BOGE CCD condensate drains with electronic level control feature a valve that opens for drainage and closes again right away. Because this procedure takes place without pressure loss, energy savings can be realised.
      Unlike many other alternative condensate drains, individual components can be replaced when maintaining the CDD condensate drain - thus reducing operating overheads.
      Thanks to innovative sensor technology, the drain experiences less wear: a positive effect on its life cycle. With the CCD 100, an LED display also indicates the current condensate fill level.

    The BOGE CCD (compact condensate drain) operates with a reliable electronic level-controller, which ensures that condensation generated is only drained when the "storage chambers" of the CCD have reached a defined level. The valve through which the collected condensation is drained is then immediately closed again. The draining does not therefore cause any pressure loss, which the compressor would then have to balance again. The CCD condensate drains are installed directly on to components such as filters, driers, etc.. They have a robust aluminium housing, are suitable for any climate zone and work for more than 2 million draining cycles.


    Electronically level-controlled CCD compact condensate drain


    • Oil-free in standard
    • Drain works without pressure loss
    • Integrated stainless steel grid that is easy to clean
    • Robust corrosion-resistant aluminium housing
    • Works in any climate zone
  • BOGE Max. Pressure Effective Delivery Volume
    50 Hz
    W × D × H
    Type bar psig m3/min cfm mm kg
    CCD 10 16 232 10.000 350.0 93x123x74 0.5
    CCD 100 16 232 100.000 3,500.0 87x179x112 2.8
    CCD 100 HP 50 725 100.000 3,500.0 87x179x112 2.8

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