BOGE Low Pressure Turbo 150

Greater effort for low pressures

    • Considerably reduced operating costs
      With the Low Pressure Turbo 150 even the most ambitious savings objectives can be achieved. From the low procurement cost and minimised energy requirement to low-wear operation – oil-free compressed air between 2 and 4 bar is affordable like never before.
    • Maintenance is almost a foreign word
      More efficiency with fewer raw materials – this simple principle increases the reliability and reduces the maintenance costs.
    • Water and waste water treatment
      The Low Pressure Turbo 150 is not only appealing to municipal water suppliers. Many large production facilities maintain their own systems for treating waste water by bubbling compressed air at low pressure.

    In order to offer a completely oil-free compression system, even the drive shaft of the BOGE Low Pressure Turbo compressors is air-guided. Right in line with the notion: if there is no oil in it, none can leak out. Low Pressure Turbo technology operates with fewer components, and very economically stable pressures of between 2 and 4 bar can be achieved – whether for cooling with compressed air, discharging shavings, or bubbling oxygen.


    Low Pressure Turbo compressor - oil-free and directly coupled


    • Considerably reduced operating costs
    • Highest purity class
    • Intuitive operation
    • Low noise pressure level
    • Superior drive

    Compressed air accessories for this product

  • BOGE Max. Pressure Effective Delivery Volume
    50 Hz
    Motor Power Dimensions
    W × D × H
    Type bar psig m3/min cfm m3/min(max) cfm(max) kW hp mm kg
    LPT 150 2-4 29-58 31.400 1,108.9 42.900 1,515.0 150 200 48 x 76 x 77 3306
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