BOGE Compressed Air Academy

Do you want to expand your knowledge on compressors and compressed air supply? Steered by the motto “Aus der Praxis für die Praxis” (“Gained from practice, for use in practice”), our experienced trainers use practical examples and exercises to present and explain specialised, sector-specific content.
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Effective compressed air management

This session covers the basics of compressed air technology as well as explaining some current developments. You will learn how to save energy and operate compressed air stations efficiently – we will give you numerous tips and tricks to cover the entire system. This seminar is particularly suitable for beginners.

All theory is grey - BOGE shows you how it works in practice! The BOGE one day seminar “Effective Compressed Air Management” makes cases transparent and imparts a range of useful facts and information.

Pioneering knowledge - Recognised experts await visitors with impressive demonstrations and exciting presentations. The focus is on interesting practical concepts rather than on complex theory. The seminar conveys both basic and cutting-edge compressed air know-how in a vivid and tangible way, using a multifaceted approach to transfer knowledge from manufacturer to user and bring the user completely up to date.

An abundance of know-how - Attendees obtain plenty of advantageous tips for their business and witness the ability of intelligent compressed air applications to bring on-site compressed air supply to a completely new level, achieving as yet unheard-of cost benefits.


The seminar provides succinct information about what is important:
1. for the cost-efficient design of a compressor station
2. for the dimensioning of a compressed air network
3. for reducing costs through reduced energy consumption

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BOGE technical seminars

These seminars will teach you how to operate BOGE compressors and compressor stations in a safe and economically efficient way. They are aimed at the service employees of our partners, retailers and customers. We organise seminars on topics including (but not limited to) piston compressors, oil-lubricated screw compressors, oil-free scroll compressors, refrigerant dryers, adsorption dryers and controls. Participants can choose a basic or professional seminar depending on their level of prior knowledge.

Basic service seminars

We provide you with basic knowledge. Among other things, you’ll learn how to optimally adjust the system pressure, how to eliminate leaks quickly and what to look out for during maintenance intervals.

Such knowledge has a high potential for development at a later stage. Ultimately, the overwhelming majority of unscheduled machine downtime occurs as a result of simple issues. We teach those responsible for the machines how to recognise these issues in a timely fashion and prevent failures or malfunctions.

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Professional service seminars

This advanced seminar teaches how to approach troubleshooting in a systematic way. As well as technical knowledge on complex compressed air systems and higher-level control, successful systematic troubleshooting requires a comprehensive range of methodological skills.

Step one requires you to understand the processes taking place within the system or plant. In step two, you’ll identify the affected function. In step three, you’ll investigate which components are linked to this function and could therefore be the source of the issue. This seminar is aimed at servicing and repairs professionals wishing to acquire a detailed understanding of complex systems as well as of troubleshooting and error rectification.

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Organisational information

  • Seminar duration:

      From 9 am to 5 pm

Catering is included.

Registration is binding. A confirmation of registration will be sent with the event documentation.

It is always possible for seminar places to be taken up by someone other than the registered individual.


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