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At BOGE, IQ stands for ‘Innovative Quality’ and by this we mean combining tried-and tested premium quality with innovative solutions. We perfect each detail for as long as it takes for us to feel sure of its fitness for the future. Why not try our machines and see the results of our efforts for yourself.

New SO-3 screw compressor

With a focus on energy efficiency, BOGE has expanded its portfolio with the new SO-3 oil-free screw compressor that achieves peak delivery rate values at a lower specific power consumption. In the Total-Cost-of-Ownership evaluation, the compressor stood out for its low total costs over its entire life cycle.

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EO series extended up to 30 kW

The revised EO series is available in three sizes: for a performance range of 4 to 7.5 kW, 11 to 23 kW and now with an output of 30 kW. The compact compressors are still particularly quiet and generate 100% oil-free compressed air in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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Downsized and upgraded: S 91-4

Sturdy, durable, low noise level and high energy efficiency:  
now there are two additional models. The S 91-4 and the S 91-4 LF bring all the advantages of the series to the 90 kW drive power range. This is what successful downsizing looks like!

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C-series models now with new highly efficient permanent magnet motor

Compact design, flexible combination options and once again more efficient than ever before: some screw compressors from the C-series are now available with highly efficient permanent magnet motor!  Thanks to the broad range of possible combinations with accessories and control systems, every specific need can be met.

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BOGE connect

Make your compressors future-proof with the BOGE connect smart service and monitoring tool. Available now – either optionally built into the compressor at the factory or simply and easily retrofitted to an existing device.

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airtelligence provis 3

Managing any number of compressors simultaneously and ensuring that they can communicate with one another and access important data uninterruptedly and from anywhere: the requirements for a modern compressed air management system are extremely demanding.

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High-performance filters

Our new high-performance filters come with highly efficient element fleeces made out of nanofibres. This helps them eliminate particulate material, aerosols and oil vapours reliably, making them ideal for use in particularly sensitive areas from food manufacturing to the pharmaceutical industry.

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BOGE C-2 Series – Compact competence

A major plus when it comes to efficiency and flexibility, perfect ergonomics, audibly lower noise emissions and much easier maintenance – our compact screw compressors from the C-2 series fulfil every customer’s wish list: Whether …

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BOGE S-4 now from 55 kW

All of the S-4 models – from 55 to 160 kW – rely on our very own premium airend, whose integrated, fully enclosed gears reduce both internal pressure losses as well as energy consumption and noise levels. The increased efficiency pays off.

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