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BOGE connect … makes work so much easier

BOGE connect is proof that digital transformation improves efficiency during commissioning and with service, reduces operating costs and helps new Smart Services such as Predictive Maintenance become established. The result: lasting competitive benefits – for our customers as well as for us and our partners. From automated commissioning via QR code to data-assisted efficiency optimisation – BOGE connect makes your compressors fit for the future! This groundbreaking service option provides for intelligent compressed air management, allowing you to exploit the full potential of Industry 4.0.

BOGE connect

An overview of the benefits

BOGE connect …

  • permits comprehensive machine monitoring on all mobile devices
  • accompanies compressors throughout their entire life cycle
  • controls the monitoring, maintenance and optimisation of machines based on the data collected
  • documents commissioning, service and all changes to the machine in a digital record
  • optional fitted at factory or as retrofit model
  • seamless reporting and optimised planning reliability
  • data protection guaranteed

Seamless documentation

Fast, simple and above all paperless – that's how machine commissioning takes place whenever BOGE connect is involved. The BOGE connect app scans the QR code and makes all relevant data immediately available in digital form. This results in a standardised digital record of commissioning …

Available from anywhere

BOGE connect records, monitors and displays all important operating parameters without the need for paper and on any mobile device – even remotely. This means that a service technician can spot the first sign of a potential issue with your device and call up all the relevant details via the BOGE connect portal.

Everything for greater efficiency

The continuous monitoring and display of all key operating parameters ensures that it is not just unusual machine behaviour that is spotted early on. The data collected also demonstrates potential for optimisation that allows efficiency to be steadily improved …


The BOGE connect gateway offers numerous interfaces that don't just allow BOGE machines to be connected, but also compressors of other manufacturers. Even older models with or without machine control can be manually created and managed in the portal as a "digital twin".

BOGE connect

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