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EO series reissued

Monday, August 7. 2023

The quiet and compact Scroll compressors from the EO series are now available in other performance levels.

The EO compressor with an output of 30 kW is completely new. The procurement costs have been reduced and efficiency values increased by changing the performance and dimensions of the compressors.


The EO series particularly showcases its advantages in sectors with sensitive work environments. The Scroll compressors generate completely oil-free compressed air and impress with their low vibration and quiet operation. Types EO 4, EO 6, EO 11, EO 16, EO 17 and EO 22 are still included in the portfolio, while types EO 7, EO 15, EO 23 and EO 30 have been added. Compressor types EO 11 and EO 15 each contain two compressors, while the EO 23 comprises three and compressor EO 30 has four. The implemented changes have ensured that systems are more compact and have increased efficiency values. The compressors stand out for requiring less space and offering a modular concept. They are also available as a double system with a compressed air receiver, and either with an integrated or external refrigerant dryer. The two-stage cooling concept with a surface cooler and high-quality aluminium aftercooler guarantees optimum output temperatures. The focus control 2.0 can be used to perfectly adjust up to four Scroll compressors to the relevant requirements.


More information on the new EO series is available here.