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Special Gases

Special Gases

When it comes to producing nitrogen and oxygen, BOGE special gas generators guarantee optimum flexibility and stand for maximum economic efficiency. There is no longer any need for rigid delivery contracts. Risks such as supply shortages become a thing of the past, as does the storage of high-pressure air containers. Special gases are produced at the very location where they are needed. So you no longer have to worry about the costs of storage and hire or losses due to evaporation.

To the special gas generators


Generation of oxygen and nitrogen

An overview of all benefits of PSA generators

  • Reliable, high-quality components
  • Continuous purity monitoring by analysis instruments and displays
  • Low-cost maintenance and minimal service costs due to the use of durable materials
  • Needs-based adaptation of the quantity delivered
  • Extensive range of treatment components available
  • High-tech features thanks to interactive control and pressure sensor

Everything from a single source: a perfectly coordinated complete system

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Extremely flexible and efficient

Modular building-block system of PSA generators

BOGE's special gas generators offer flexible extension of oxygen or nitrogen production as modules are simply screwed on. This modular concept avoids the risk of contaminating the zeolite material.

Constant purity

The BOGE system is highly flexible and produces special gases of consistently optimal quality – purity levels of generated oxygen and hydrogen lie at 90-95 per cent and 95-99.999 per cent respectively.

Keltenhof project

Salad grower Keltenhof relies on a recipe of compressed air garnished with efficiency enhancers.

Nitrogen Generators

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Oxygene Generators

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