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Compressed air supply polishes to a shine!

Design Factory Picture


Design Factory GmbH, Germany


Dry and oil-free compressed air for treating stainless steel


Design Factory GmbH opts for BOGE systems for its plant optimisation

The challange
Design Factory GmbH needs large quantities of extremely clean compressed air for polishing and blasting stainless steel. In the past, oil and moisture from the ambient air found their way into the compressed air again and again, resulting in material damage. The security of supply and the overall energy efficiency of the system also left much to be desired.

The BOGE solution
Two screw compressors, types S 61-2 and S 125-2, reliably supply the required quantity of compressed air. A DAV 300S adsorption dryer and a DCZ 341 activated carbon adsorber ensure maximum compressed air quality. An airtelligence PROVIS master control and the integrated DUOTHERM heat recovery system optimise the energy efficiency of the system.

The result
A clean, reliable and efficient compressed air supply system with the BOGE brand name!

Project report Design Factory

pdf, 1.59 MB