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    five:am, Australia


    Compressed air for the production of organic yogurt


BOGE compressors aid in the production of organic yogurt

The challenge
During the manufacture of the five:am organic yogurt brand, compressed air partly comes into direct contact with foodstuffs.

The BOGE solution
Two directly coupled compact screw compressors of type C 15 L, with dryer, generate the compressed air. A BOGE bluekat BC Converter ensures with its innovative converter principle that the compressed air meets the most stringent purity class 0. In this process, oil constituents in the air reliably oxidise to carbon dioxide and water – ideal for sensitive applications such as food production.

The result
A both cost-saving and completely safe solution for producing absolutely oil-free compressed air that aids five:am in producing and filling organic yogurt.

    Project report

    five:am from Australia is still a young brand for organic yogurt. The founder and mastermind behind five:am is David Prior. His idea is ambitious: He aims to produce organic yogurt that meets the most stringent ecological demands from the outset up to the very last step of the value-added chain.


    David Prior also wants the best for his compressed air supply. That’s why it didn’t take long for him to decide to cooperate with BOGE. The challenges of supplying compressed air of the necessary purity were high, since there is direct contact with the foodstuffs during ventilation of the milk silo as well as during the filling process. This meant that only a solution that worked with absolutely oil-free compressed air was conceivable. BOGE recommended the use of two regular oil-injected screw compressors of type C 15 L, including dryers. But how is it possible to obtain oil-free compressed air using these compressors? That’s easy: by using a downstream BOGE bluekat BC Converter. This guarantees absolutely oil-free compressed air that meets class 0 purity.


    The initial outlay for purchasing the system is far lower than for a comparable oil-free screw compressor – an important argument for the young business. But David Prior can nevertheless be sure of maximum safety, and at the same time have a low-maintenance system that works with very little energy. By using the finest ingredients and the best compressed air, five:am will remain on the road to success!


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Project report five:am

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