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five:am, Australia


Compressed air for the production of organic yogurt


BOGE compressors aid in the production of organic yogurt

The challenge
During the manufacture of the five:am organic yogurt brand, compressed air partly comes into direct contact with foodstuffs.

The BOGE solution
Two directly coupled compact screw compressors of type C 15 L, with dryer, generate the compressed air. A BOGE bluekat BC Converter ensures with its innovative converter principle that the compressed air meets the most stringent purity class 0. In this process, oil constituents in the air reliably oxidise to carbon dioxide and water – ideal for sensitive applications such as food production.

The result
A both cost-saving and completely safe solution for producing absolutely oil-free compressed air that aids five:am in producing and filling organic yogurt.

Project report five:am

pdf, 399.3 KB