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In conjunction with BOGE

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Nordbrand Nordhausen GmbH


Replacement of complete compressed air system with 100% grease-free assembly


Nordbrand creates a “smart factory” for spirits

The Challenge
In order to implement permanently validated oil content measurement which also meets the food industry’s future requirements, it was necessary to produce the compressed air without oil and for everything to be piped using stainless steel without the use of any grease at
all. Also the entire system and exhaust air ducts had to fit into the vaulted cellar.

The BOGE solution
Three frequency-controlled type SF 60 bluekat catalytic compressors ensure class 0 oil-free compressed air. Preparation of the compressed air using particle filters, refrigerant compressed air dryers and a 5,000 litre air receiver was required for this application. All the data, including energy calculations, maintenance periods and oil content measurement values are incorporated into the intelligent control.

The result
A high-performance supply of class 0 oil-free compressed air which supplies the required volume at any time and which is immune to the smallest contamination, such as lorry exhaust fumes which could be sucked in.

Project report Nordbrand

pdf, 520 KB