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How OberSelters brings together oil-lubricated and oil-free efficiently



OberSelters Mineralbrunnen Vertriebs GmbH, established 1871


Implementation of a dual network compressed air system with higher-level visualisation


Control separately, visualise jointly

The challenge
100% oil-free air is essential for production at  OberSelters, however, it is not required for all operations. It was therefore necessary to visualise two parallel networks – oil-lubricated and oil-free – via one control. Filtering measures should thus not play a part in the conception.

The BOGE solution
Two BOGE EO 11 D scroll compressors, which produce 100% oil-free compressed air – without any costly filtration measures. The oil-lubricated section is supplied by three screw compressors (2 x BOGE SLF 30-3 and 1 x S31-3). The airtelligence provis 2.0 controls the oil-lubricated network and uses the data from both systems for visualisation.

The result
100% oil-free air – but only where it is really required. This dual network compressed air system shows how Industry 4.0 works: The highly intelligent control ensures harmonised processes in two different networks and therefore actually helps save costs.

Project report OberSelters

pdf, 1.33 MB