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Glossary Controls

Remote monitoring of compressors

Remote monitoring of compressors is the right solution for preventing faults and machinery downtimes, and guaranteeing an efficient and reliable supply of compressed air. Remote data polling is carried out using your mobile phone, and messages are sent by SMS, email, voice mail or fax. Process data from RATIO, FOCUS, PRIME and airtelligence provis 2.0 can be displayed via Modbus. All messages can be accessed globally with a web browser, without the need for additional software, and displayed using web visualisation.



System control

In system controls, a distinction is made between direct compressor controls, master controls and remote monitoring. The BOGE control and monitoring concept focuses on meeting the different requirements of compressed air users on the ground, and aims to achieve maximum efficiency.

BASIC, RATIO and FOCUS were developed to efficiently control oil lubricated compressors. PRIME is the newest generation of efficiency controls for oil-free screw compressors: A backlit LC display with clear text output shows the fault and maintenance messages, operating status and all operating parameters on three main displays.

With automatic interconnected control, trinity controls up to three compressors of various types and sizes. airtelligence configures systems proactively to achieve maximum efficiency, and monitors all functions. This is an efficient control for managing up to 16 compressors operating as an interconnected group.

airtelligence PROVIS is a demand-based master control for up to 16 compressors and 8 additional accessory modules, for 16 additional external analogue sensors as well as 24 external digital inputs. Efficiency can therefore be directly verified in clear displays.

BOGE airstatus combines four compressed air management tasks in one device: fault indication, remote  data polling, data retention, web visualisation. Even remote or inaccessible compressors, decentralised treatment components or condensate drains can be monitored easily and reliably by airstatus.