Traineeships and working students


Are you interested in a traineeship, in working as a student, or completing your final paper or thesis at BOGE? As our objective is to find the right area of deployment and optimum support for you, we check each application individually. Therefore, we do not usually explicitly advertise places for trainees and final paper or thesis work - we look forward to your application. It is best to apply online under "trainee" or "speculative applicant”.

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Work experience placements for school students

Experience the world of work and try out different professions! A pupil work experience placement gives you insights into the workings of the company and the different activities we undertake.

Whether as a mechatronic engineer or electronic technician in the technical area of the company or an IT officer or industrial/ business administrator in our commercial department, BOGE lets you discover the ideal job for you.


We offer the following options:

  • Mandatory pupil work experience placements
  • Voluntary work experience placements in the school holidays
  • Career discovery days
  • Girls‘ Day / Boys‘ Day


In addition, we offer the following careers-related guidance and information:

  • Company tours for school classes
  • Presence at job fairs
  • Educational activity sessions/ Technical projects at schools

Work experience

Gain practical experience during your studies! A work experience placement at BOGE lets you get to grips with different jobs, decide where your interests and capabilities lie and experience BOGE as an employee. We invite you warmly to take advantage of this opportunity!

We offer the following work experience options:

  • Mandatory work experience placements
  • Voluntary work experience placements


In addition, we offer the following careers-related guidance and information:

  • Company tours with students
  • Info days at universities
  • Presence at job fairs

Sinah Peppmöller, Digital Marketing   "I didn't imagine work experience at BOGE would be so exciting".

Student trainee positions

Want to combine work and study in a meaningful way? Apply to us as a student trainee and begin obtaining practical experience while you’re still studying. From early on, you’ll be assigned responsibility for challenging tasks in different departments. Did you know that our Managing Director Thorsten Meier also began with us as a student trainee? Read more BOGE success stories here.

Writing your thesis at BOGE

Want your degree to have a practical focus? Whether you’re working on a Bachelor’s, Master’s or diploma thesis, we’ll oversee the process and offer you the support you need. Choose between different areas of the company depending on your field of study and interests: technical and commercial departments, Sales and Communication, the EDP Department or the Department of Engineering and Design. By completing your thesis at BOGE, you’ll lay the foundations for the future advancement of your career.