People at BOGE

Working at BOGE is matter of give and take: You bring your knowledge and skills to the table; we create the right conditions for your personal advancement. But don’t take our word for it: Below, our employees give insights into what you can expect at BOGE.

Why BOGE is so attractive for employees

Mareike Heinrich, Head of Research & Development   Children or career? At BOGE, that wasn’t a choice I had to make.

Mareike Heinrich, Head of Research & Development.

Hailing from Bielefeld, I was aware of BOGE from an early age. My own career path began in Hamburg, where I completed my vocational training as an industrial engineer. I joined BOGE in 2010 as Product Market Manager. In 2012 I took on my first executive role. Two years later saw two major changes in my life: this was the year our baby daughter was born, and I also took over as Head of Research and Development. This was only possible because BOGE fully supported me as a member of staff and part of the BOGE family.

Still today – now with two children – BOGE gives me the flexibility and support I need to “juggle” my family and work.

Nalin Amunugama, General Manager BOGE Asia Pacific   I was impressed by the high levels of trust placed in me.

Nalin Amunugama, General Manager BOGE AsiaPacific

After graduating in Business Admin specialising in Marketing, I found my first job as a Management Trainee with a dealer in the compressed air sector in Sri Lanka. After ten years as a Product Manager I then set up on my own. As a dealer for BOGE my aim was to raise the profile of the brand in Sri Lanka – something I have managed to do. Impressed by the corporate culture at BOGE, I didn’t hesitate about giving up my independence and applied to BOGE Asia Pacific for a job as an Aftermarket Manager in Singapore. Today I am employed at BOGE AsiaPacific as General Manager. I am responsible for a total of 15 markets, which confront me with different cultural challenges on a daily basis. I am grateful for the trust in me and I am convinced that the future of compressed air lies with BOGE.

Peggy Teo, Administration Accountant   With BOGE’s support I have developed my skills to become expert in SAP.

Peggy Teo, Administration Accountant BOGE AsiaPacific

I have always been very good at figures. That’s why I decided to train as a bookkeeper – I obtained my diploma with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Singapore. And it was also there that I applied for a job with BOGE Asia Pacific where I have been able to gradually familiarise myself with SAP. I have meanwhile developed my skills to become an expert in SAP for order processing and accounts. My professional knowledge allows BOGE AsiaPacific to deal with these areas in-house – they were originally outsourced. I am so glad that BOGE has helped me to develop my skills and become expert in this field. They have been reinforced further by the intensive training courses held at the headquarters in Germany, which have given me greater confidence in working with SAP. Also the participation in the staff development program "International Summer Camp" has contributed a lot to my personal development – especially the intensive networking with international colleagues. As a family-oriented person I am glad to have found a second home at BOGE.

Marcos Rana, General Manager BOGE Iberica   Freedom of organisation coupled with trust – that makes going to work fun.

Marcos Rana, General Manager BOGE Iberica

After graduating in optometry (ophthalmic optics), my first job was providing technical support to the laser research department at a university. There I soon realised that I was more interested in working in industry. So I switched job by joining the After-Sales department of a world leader for laser machines. When I came across an advert for an After-Sales Manager at a new subsidiary of BOGE, I responded right away. This position involved a lot of work building the company up, but I was also given plenty of freedom in terms of structural organisation. Whenever I was assigned new responsibilities, they said, "We trust in you." And no matter how great the challenge, I have always enjoyed the full support of the company. Today I am employed at BOGE Iberica as General Manager.